About LIYF

LIYF is Lehman-Idetown Youth Fellowship,  a ministry of Lehman-Idetown United Methodist Church. We exist to provide Christian nurture, fun, and fellowship for youth ages 10-18. We meet at least twice a month. Sometimes we get together to have fun and fellowship, sometimes we do outreach and mission work, sometimes we go to concerts or to Christian festivals. If you are between the age of 10-18 and would like some friends who care, some direction for life, and some really great times, join us an any on the events listed on our “What’s Happening” page.

Each meeting begins at 6 with 20-30 minutes of hanging out, talking about what’s going on, and sharing stories. The leaders then share a message that is relevant to what is going on in in the youths’ lives, or follows along with an event or activity that LIYF is participating in. This part includes some discussion and activities often as well. Then we have some fellowship time with some free food and drink, and play a game or two until 8. It’s almost never the same game, but we do have our favorites!

Our youth leaders are Bill and Lyndsay Cupp. They are assisted by Jen Romanowski as well as parents that frequently lend a hand.


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